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Michael’s second publication, “Developing Modern Drumlines” is the complete guide to starting and teaching a marching percussion ensemble. Step-by-step instruction is provided on instrumentation, technique, marching, composing, rehearsing, and performing. Exercises and music enable your ensemble to begin playing immediately, and valuable insider tips help them to look and perform their best. Whether you are a band director or community leader, have some experience in the marching arts or none at all, this book is your gateway to the exciting world of marching percussion.books3

Hear what the pros have to say about “Developing Modern Drumlines”!

“Fantastic book for all – includes everything from beginning to end!”
-Lee Beddis, DCI educator/composer and WGI adjudicator

“Michael has synthesized his training and experience to outline a comprehensive marching technique program. An essential component of drumlines on the move.”
-Gareth Skipp, DCI/WGI show designer & marching instructor

“Developing Modern Drumlines provided the foundation for our burgeoning drumline. A must have for any band educator.”
-Chad Morford, Band director, Colborne Public School

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Michael’s first instructional publication, “The Mad Practice Pad”, is suited for the novice and advanced player alike. “The Mad Practice Pad” consists of progressive exercises, created specifically for the practice pad, that are designed to develop and polish a percussionist’s “chops”. Michael plays each exercise at a moderate tempo on the accompanying CD to allow the listener to fully comprehend the structure of each rhythm. The second edition of “The Mad Practice Pad” is now available, and contains over 20 additional pages of new exercises and a chapter on hybrid rudiments to further challenge drummers!

Hear what the pros have to say about “The Mad Practice Pad”!books1

Michael’s “The Mad Practice Pad” is an excellent collection of exercises written and developed over years of world-class competition by a rudimental snare drum champion. This stuff comes from the source!
—Robert C. diSalle, drummer/educator

“The Mad Practice Pad” is a great book to use while warming up, practicing or developing a disciplined approach to control and overall chops!
—Jason Parent, DCI solo snare drum World Champion 1993, PASIC Champion 1994

Michael has combined his experience as a performer and teacher to produce a book that is creatively challenging for the beginner and instructive for the experienced performer. “The Mad Practice Pad” is a valuable resource for the student and teacher alike.
—Jack S. Broumpton, percussionist/educator

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