Michael Beauclerc




Private Lessons with Michael!

Michael now has a brand new percussion studio in his home in Peterborough. Fully equipped with professional equipment, this new very exciting space is ready for drummers to work one on one with Michael on all aspects of drumset, hand percussion, and rudimental drumming!

“When I started lessons with Mr. Beauclerc, he made a point to teach me the value of technique and how it can be applied musically to the drumset. I was amazed every lesson at the way he integrated different techniques with different musical styles , which in turn motivated me to continue drumming.” – Michael Deliakis

“Michael is a very versatile drum instructor; He has taught me in the past 6 years a wide range of topics, including many styles on the drum set, marching, and Latin percussion.” – Diego Huang

“Michael, you are like a breath of fresh air in the world of drum lessons.
Learning from you teaches any drummer, at any level, that there is more to learn, more challenges, and that drumming is really about feeling the music, feeling the groove and responding accordingly.”
– Mark Daniels”

“During Michael’s time here at Soul Drums, his passion and enthusiasm for all things percussion, inspired drummers of every background to continually deepened their knowledge and love of music and drumming.” – Doug Sole and Paul Bailie, Soul Drums Ltd.

“I worked with Michael for 5 years at Soul Drums in Toronto. He was consistently the most requested teacher based on his extensive knowledge of so many fields of drumming and his friendly and fun personality. Whether you want to learn rock, hip-hop, funk, jazz, or take advantage of his overwhelming expertise in marching drumming, Michael is your guy!”– Max Trefler

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